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Dinosaur Bingo for Large Group (50 Cards)

Dinosaur Bingo for Large Group (50 Cards)

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Get ready for a roar-some dino party with this set of 50 printable dino bingo cards!

Here's how to play dino picture bingo:

  • Print your bingo cards and call cards. It's important to print the two call cards at the back because every image is not on every card.
  • Cut the call cards into tiles and place them into a bowl.
  • Draw cards one at a time and show them around. Players mark off the image if there's an exact match on their card. For repeated play using the same boards, use tokens instead of bingo dauber markers.
  • The first player to make five matches in a straight line or on the diagonal calls "Bingo!" to win. You can also play variants like making an X, needing all four corners, or making a specific shape (like a U or a square).

Because this is a digital item, no physical item will be mailed and sales are final. These cards are for personal (non-commercial) and classroom use. You are not license to redistribute the digital files or printed boards to others for use with activities they are organizing.

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