A preview of 10 cute insect coloring pages for children with the text overlay "20 unique pages!"
20 cute insect coloring pages for children. Each page has a silly cartoon insect to color and the insect's name in a bubble font for rainbow writing. The pages are in a 4x5 grid.

Cute Insect Coloring Pages

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Your bug-loving child will delight in coloring these cute printable insect coloring pages with names.

This set features 20 cute insects to color. Each insect has its name in bubble letters to color in or use for rainbow writing. Rainbow writing is a popular learning technique where a student traces the same word multiple times in different colors.

Technically there are 17 insects, a spider, a snail, and a worm. But we're calling these insect coloring pages for simplicity's sake! It sounds a whole lot better than "cute invertebrate coloring pages," don't you think? 

    These coloring pages are great for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early elementary students who love bugs. You can see previews of every coloring page in the images section.

    These printables are for personal and classroom use. This includes use with homeschool co-ops, Scout troops, therapy clients, etc. You are free to use them with activities you are personally organizing as long as you are not charging specifically to color. You are not licensed to redistribute the digital files or printouts to others for use with activities they are organizing.

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