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Start Homesteading Planner - Homestead Planner for Beginners

Start Homesteading Planner - Homestead Planner for Beginners

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Plan your dream homestead, even if you've never raised a chicken before with the Start Homesteading Planner.

This homesteading planner helps you set and achieve homesteading goals, track your expenses and income, plan your garden, and map out exactly what you want in a dream homesteading.

Homesteading has become increasingly popular for many reasons. Homesteading can help you:

  • Teach your children where real food comes from. Children who participate in gardening are more likely to try new vegetables!
  • Enjoy more delicious, nutrient-dense food without the Whole Foods prices. Homegrown produce is tastier, more nutritious, and fresher than anything you buy at the store. There is nothing eating a like a tomato still warm from the sun or sweet corn picked once the water was already boiling.
  • Insulate yourself from rising food costs. Buy a bell pepper seedling for less than the price of a single pepper at the store and enjoy fresh sweet peppers all summer long!

You don't need a ton of land to get started homesteading. Simple and inexpensive hydroponics systems can be used indoors. Quail and rabbits are easy to raise virtually anywhere, even indoors or in communities with a restrictive HOA.

This is a printable planner, but it can also be used on a tablet with your favorite note taking app. 

This is a digital item and no physical item will be mailed. I am proud to offer a satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely even that you are unsatisfied with your purchase, respond to your purchase confirmation email within 14 days to request a refund. 

What's included

Your beautiful canning planner includes 27 pages to organize your homestead life

Twice is nice - your purchase includes a BONUS of the exact same 31 page planner in a "less color" version so it's easier on your printer!

Pages include:

  • Cover Page
  • "This planner belongs to" page
  • Homestead ideas for beginners checklist
  • Homestead first year goals ideas
  • Homestead goals note page
  • Homestead goals checklist
  • Homestead with list notes
  • Homestead land buying checklist (pre-filled)
  • Homestead land buying checklist (blank)
  • Land buying notes
  • Flock information 
  • Monthly egg production
  • Homestead expenses
  • Homestead income
  • Seasonal garden planner
  • Square food garden planner
  • Garden plant list
  • Weekly harvest log
  • Seeds on hand log
  • Food preserving planner
  • Food preserving challenge
  • Recipe cards
  • Harvest notes
  • Homestead project planner checklist
  • Homesteading notes

This is a digital item and no physical item will be mailed. 

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