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Camping Bingo Boards - 25 unique cards

Camping Bingo Boards - 25 unique cards

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This set of 25 printable camping bingo boards is perfect for entertaining groups! Use them with your scout jamboree, family reunion, or class party.

Camping picture bingo is fun & easy to play for children and adults of all ages.

  • Print your download. Make sure to print the call cards at the back!
  • Cut the call cards into tiles.
  • Draw tiles one at a time. Players mark off the image if it's on their card. The first player to get five in a row (diagonally or on a straight line) calls Bingo! to win.

Kids will want to swap for a new card and play time and again!

If you need more than 25 cards, please do not buy multiples of this listing because you will get duplicates. Get this set of 50 unique cards, instead:

For best results, print on cardstock or presentation paper and laminate your cards. Laminated cards can be used over and over again.

Because this is a digital item, all sales are final and no physical item will be mailed.

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