50 Back to School Bingo Cards for a large group

50 Back to School Bingo Cards for a large group

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Break the ice on the first day of school with this classroom set of back to school bingo cards!

All cards are unique and can be combined with other back to school themed bingo cards found on my blog: https://natashalh.comback-to-school-bingo

To play, cut the call cards into tiles. Place them in a bowl or face down on the table. Draw one at a time, account the card, and show it around. Students mark off the called image and see who can get five in a row first!

To make the cards reusable, have your students use small manipulatives to mark the cards instead of a pencil. Counting bears, mathlink cubes, and pompoms all work well.

These bingo boards are for personal and classroom use. You are welcome to print and distribute the boards games for activities you are personally organizing, but you are not authorized to share the printouts or files with other adults for their own personal use.

Need less than 50 boards? Check out this listing for 25 boards.

Because this is a digital listing, no physical item is mailed and all sales are final. I'm always happy to help via email in the unlikely event that experience any problems with your file - just reply to your purchase email and I'll get back to you ASAP!