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Fall Color Matching Games - Leaf, Acorn, and Sight Word Color Matching Preschool Pack

Fall Color Matching Games - Leaf, Acorn, and Sight Word Color Matching Preschool Pack

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These leaf matching printables are a great way to help your older toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener practice with their colors and word recognition.

Recognizing basic colors are an important part of school readiness. Help your child learn red, blue, brown, pink, orange, green, purple, yellow, and black with these fall themed color matching activities.

Your printable pack has 6 pages of activities. 

The acorn, leaf, and sight word pages can be used in a mix/match fashion or you can print duplicate pages. For a younger child, such as an older toddler, I recommend printing two copies of the leaf and acorn color matching cards so they can match like images instead of matching a leaf to an acorn.

I recommend printing all pages on cardstock or presentation paper, a heavyweight paper with a special coating for crisp, vibrant images, and laminating the sheets.

One page has two part color matching puzzles. Make sure to cut each card down the middle to form the puzzle.

The last page has a spin and cover game. Use the wheel in the upper right corner of the page to make a simple spinner with a brad and a paperclip. Alternatively, you can use a colored die from a game if it has the correct colors. Leaves can be covered with pompoms or other manipulatives. Have your child use tongs to move the manipulative for an extra challenge!

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